Media Creative, Production & Strategy

Production of video, live broadcasts, ads, photography, graphic designs, websites, and distribution strategies for business, government, education, and entertainment happens right here at O’Keeley Media.  We are a team of creative professionals with the production tools, experience, and studio space needed to create amazing media for your organization.  Let your imagination run wild, and let us make it a reality using our services, referenced below.


A logo, marketing copy, , however, many times there is no internal person qualified to strategize, write, manage, and execute the production of this vital media on a consistent basis.  O’Keeley Media does just that.  Researching your customers, writing copy for their needs, and getting that message in front of them gets the marketing rolling.  Then measuring the results, making adjustments based on those analytics, and re-distributing the media solidifies a cycle of reaching an increasingly larger audience with communication accurately defining, who you are and what you do.  Keep your focus on what you do, while we tell everyone all about it.

Video Production

Start a digital and tv ad campaign with a 5-60 second commercial, shoot on-location or in our studio, and edited to completion in our edit suite before you leave.  Basic HD and 4K video production costs have dropped steadily, allowing customers to easily make a script, graphics, and music into an effective commercial at a very low cost in under an hour.


The key to a popular video, is getting it seen by people so they have a chance to hear the message – and maybe even like it.  A modern video campaign can be tailored to target specific geography, demographics, and keyword requests from users.  This digital distribution method enables very efficient advertising, measurable results and returns in sales and customer feedback while reducing your overall advertising expenses.

Basic Web Design & Hosting

Create an inexpensive and professional website with info, photos, and video for your small business an upcoming event. Easily upgrade to include social media profiles.  Provide info now and get up and running by tomorrow.


Get modern headshots, portraits and group photos to give your customers the best first impression of your professional image.

Live Video Streaming

Broadcasting a live video that tells the viewer something about your product or service or entertains viewers with a story or artistic expression is a great way to build a following.

Video Production

Every business has a message to deliver to attract customers.  The key is to make sure customers actually see your message among all the other messages and advertisements from all of the other businesses doing the same thing – competing for attention.  Give the world an example of your product or service so they can see what sets you apart.  The most efficient tool for giving that example is video.  We have the team, tools, experience, and focus to realize your vision.


Great photos come from experienced photographers, targeted interest in the subject, and professional tools.  O’Keeley Media’s diverse experience comes from many photographic assignments completed for small and medium businesses, artists, educators and entertainers.  We’ll shoot your photos on-location or in our Downtown Pensacola, FL studio.

If you’ve seen big beautiful faces of a doctors on a billboards, epic water views from giant house’s real estate listings, sexy hair models on social media, or had a Pavlovian response to a photo of food posted on social media around Pensacola, chances are we shot and/or edited many of them.  Great advertisements on billboards, in magazines, social media, and all over web are made of great photos.

We start by taking rich raw photos with our favorite camera system under carefully calibrated lights, bounces, and sunlight to illuminate the best features of the subject.  Then a team of designers processes and edits the photos to enhance the best features and minimize any negatives to the satisfaction of our client.  Finally, these images are used everywhere in ads, websites, videos, presentations, or signage – just to name a few.

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Get started with O’Keeley Media by telling us a bit about you, or your organization, and the vision for your project.  Send us a message.

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