Media Production, Advertising, Web Design & Streaming

At O’Keeley Media we enjoy communicating with the masses using the power of technology, candor, and experience to deliver rich media and messaging for our customers.  We are a team of marketing professionals, and media artists with the experience, education, production tools, and studio needed to create amazing media for your organization. 

Video, Photo & Audio Production

Our downtown studio is capable, and it travels too.  We combine our diverse experience in photo, video and audio production techniques with the most advanced media technologies available to create competitive and effective media.  One of our strongest attributes in our understanding and utilization of multimedia technology.


The key to a popular video, is getting it seen by people so they have a chance to hear the message – and maybe even like it.  A modern video campaign can be tailored to target specific geography, demographics, and keyword requests from users.  This digital distribution method enables very efficient advertising, measurable results and returns in sales and customer feedback while reducing your overall advertising expenses.

Web Design & Hosting

Getting a simple and informative website up-and-running is easier that ever.  We use a customizable content management system, and secure servers to deliver beautiful, modern, responsive, and most importantly – effective websites.  Don’t have a dot com yet?  We can help at every step of development.


The most exciting technology for us to offer to our customers is streaming.  Broadcasting a live video that tells the viewer something about your product or service or entertains viewers with a story or artistic expression is a great way to build a following.  We are developing these technologies as quickly as possible to offer on-demand streaming of video and audio programming, as well as live video broadcasts of events.  Yes, live.


Get started with O’Keeley Media by telling us a bit about you, or your organization, and the vision for your project.  Send us a message.

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