My name is Ryan O’Keeley.  As a digital communication leader, I play part-time roles as a strategist, marketer, media producer and developer.  Welcome to my web-based résumé and digital playground for sharing and development of web designs.  If you would like to collaborate, please reach out!

Digital Marketing

Market research, user stories, strategy, ad campaigns and performance metric tracking.

Media Production

Commercial video, business utility video (BUV), cinematography, photography and podcast production programs.

Web Dev

Simplistic website development, interactive digital signage and multi-sensory creative media installation.

Examples of engagement.

Frontier Motors Show, a long-running video series, was converted from a local tv show into a social media sales force.

Social Video Program

A simple how-to, rating or comparison video has the power to convert viewers into customers.  My multi-platform media marketing approach works by researching your customers, creating engaging content, and using data to efficiently build a loyal audience by placing content where customers are most likely to interact.  

I developed a social media video program for my friends at Frontier Motors using clips from the “Frontier Motors Show.”   These clips, updated weekly, engage viewers on social media platforms, drive website traffic, and increase sales conversions.  

Live performance video recording and post production for Hellcat Hangar and Ben Loftin and the Family.

Live Music Video

I started shooting videos at a young age on VHS.  In seventh grade I used a video of my friends and I skating at a local college for an assignment.  The fast action and Smashing Pumpkins soundtrack was a big hit with my classmates.  I was hooked.  Getting an emotional reaction from an audience became everything.  This sporting desire is the foundation for creating the video series, commercials, podcasts, photos, and websites over the span of 15 years now.  With fundamental understanding of light, sound, recording and computing I’m willing to explore any media production project.  

Digital signage and video content for the East Hill Yard restaurant.

Digital Menu Signage

Website development became a necessity to my video production work because customers kept asking for it.  Once I built confidence in cloud computing, simplistic visual design, and CMS platforms I provided websites to clients who had poor-looking and poor-performing sites.  This success led to me offering digital signage as another web-based tool for visual communication.  I create minimal, elegant, easy-to-read websites and digital signage that connects organizations with their target audience.