My name is Ryan O’Keeley and I enjoy engaging with people and building audiences. Welcome to my web-based résumé and digital playground for sharing and developing ideas.

As a professional communicator for WSRE PBS, I play part-time roles as a strategist, marketer, media producer and developer. As the owner and producer of Pensacola Digital, I build and engage audiences using local live event video and original content.   

Digital Marketing

Market research, user stories, strategy, ad campaigns and performance metric tracking.

Media Production

Commercial video, business utility video (BUV), cinematography, photography and podcast production programs.

Web Dev

Simplistic website development, interactive digital signage and multi-sensory creative media installation.

Recent Projects

Offstage interview with Karli Ryan just before recording. StudioAmped is a production of WSRE PBS

Interview Video

Our WSRE production team was producing a new season of StudioAmped while the producer and marketing team wanted to supplement each episode with an artist interview.  

We scheduled time with each band in the green room, drafted interview questions, and I paired up with a production crew member to record some really fun interviews.

These videos were some of the highest performing videos on our YouTube channel in the last year because of our teamwork to create high production values.


Live performance video recording and post production for Hellcat Hangar and Ben Loftin and the Family.

Live Recording

Hellcat Hangar wanted to show off their new studio by producing videos of friend and musician, Ben Loftin and The Family, and paired me with them to produce and direct music videos.

Hellcat was very supportive of my vision. Ben Loftin & the Family played an exciting show for the cameras. My production team was outstanding in getting great shots without any rehearsal–just zone strategy.

The videos in this series have been viewed thousands times on YouTube and social media platforms, earning both Hellcat and Ben Loftin greater public awareness and bookings.

Digital signage and video content for the East Hill Yard restaurant.

Digital Signage

Website development became a necessity to my video production work because customers kept asking for it.  Once I built confidence in cloud computing, simplistic visual design, and CMS platforms I provided websites to clients who had poor-looking and poor-performing sites.  This success led to me offering digital signage as another web-based tool for visual communication.  I create minimal, elegant, easy-to-read websites and digital signage that connects organizations with their target audience.